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You have a great product. You provide excellent services. You are certain this is the cornerstone of a successful business. And you are positively sure you have a magnificent idea, which comes with a unique, captivating story.
You just need something to make your target audience realize it and conclude you are their best choice.

One has to just understand the true context of the “brand” notion in order to explain it and realize its value. And it sure does not refer only to the name and the logo of the product. The brand logo and name of course help us recognize the soda of our choice in the super market, but a brand is so much more than that. Yes, we love a good name, but even a name is not used just as a differentiation tool; it comes with a set of attributes to begin with. If that weren’t the case, car model names wouldn’t be such a big deal and it would be ok to name your daughter Medea.
Keeping that in mind can help us understand the broader context of the brand and why it matters for your business. Good branding means defining every aspect of a product’s character to the very detail, so that specific emotions are triggered when we see it or hear about it. The Brand tells everything about the company. Its story, its values, its character. It also says a lot about its target audience, since it is surely formed with the potential customers in mind. But, most importantly, the Brand contains the promise of the feeling the consumer is going to get by buying it. It embodies all that make a product or service unique, everything that will make it deserve a place not only in the consumer’s shopping list but in their hearts as well. All this may sound quite theoretical, but break it down and you will realize the value good branding brings to something just as realistic as sales and revenue:

1. It highlights the uniqueness of the company’s story
2. It delivers a clear message to the consumer
3. It confirms simultaneously the credibility of that unique message
4. It motivates the customer
5. It strengthens loyalty
6. It connects to its target audience by creating emotions

Good branding can help you find your place in the market and maintain it. It is what will make you differentiate from your competitors, not just for the sake of being different, but because you know who you are, what you stand for, and because you are clear about what you need to communicate to your potential customers. The combination of name, logo, design, personality, price, service, story and emotion – this is your brand.
It is your ID. You cannot go far without an ID.



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