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Social media usage shouldn’t consume a significant portion of your day! That’s the reason why plenty of people hate them. On the other hand, especially from a business viewpoint, it’s the best method for forming relationships with people and expanding your audience is still social media.

Social media is no longer just a nice-to-have addition to marketing and sales strategies; it is now a necessary component. In 2023, if you’re not using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Tiktok for business expansion, you’re losing out on the chance to communicate with a completely different segment of your potential clientele.

Here’s how to kick off your social media channels following by improving your current social media strategy, and discover how simple it is to go from being a newbie to a thought leader across all social media platforms.

1.Examine the social media platforms

Analyze the channels your brand is using, underutilizing, or completely ignoring before developing a comprehensive social media strategy.

Analyzing where your efforts are best spent is the first step to opening a door to success online, even if your brand is only present on Facebook. Likewise, if your brand is moderately active on Instagram and seeing good but not great engagement, you know where to focus your efforts and how to do so more precisely.

#Important Tip: Same content does apply on all platforms

2. Establishing your goals and your Performance Indicators (KPIs)

In order to excel in the realm of social media marketing, it’s crucial to formulate clear objectives that guide your effort. The SMART strategy provides a valuable framework for shaping foundational goals.

SMART strategy, which stands for:

– Specific: Precision is key for gauging and attaining objectives. This is particularly vital for garnering the support of your team as you collectively strive for the desired outcome. For instance, a specific social media objective could involve boosting your Instagram followers by 20% within this quarter.

– Measurable: The ability to conclusively determine goal achievement is essential. This capacity for measurement makes it feasible to track your progress and even alter your goals if circumstances warrant. For instance, if you observe that likes and follows aren’t translating into website traffic, you can modify your metric to something that propels you toward the goal.

– Achievable: All set goals should be within practical reach for your business. Posing unattainable targets risks demotivating your staff and introducing friction into your business plan. As you define specific and measurable goals, be prepared to adapt if it seems you’re falling short.

– Relevant: Your social media marketing objectives should harmonize with broader business goals. For example, if your overarching objective is to fortify brand awareness, you could set a goal to entice 100 social media followers to click through a post leading to a landing page that elaborates on your offerings.

– Timely: To uphold accountability, goals should possess a temporal dimension. Instead of crafting goals for an ambiguous future period, ensure you establish a specific rhythm for assessments to verify that you’re maintaining the right course. In the multifaceted landscape of social media marketing, SMART goals not only provide a point of origin but also a mechanism for evaluation and adjustment, if necessary.

3. Decide with whom you want to connect

It’s time to decide who your current audience is and who you want to reach with your social media strategy. Find out your target audience and curate content for them, whether you use personas or actual customer data.

How to find your target audience:

  • Compile data: You must understand your target market in order to reach them. To effectively market to your audience, it’s critical to understand things like their ages, locations, and engagement trends.
  • Use social media analytics: Many platforms, including Facebook & Instagram have analytics built in that can tell you information about your followers, such as when they post, where they post, and their other interests. The use of these tools with business accounts is additionally free.
  • Analyze the competition: You’ll gain insights into how to communicate with your audience by comprehending your competition. You can fill in any gaps in your current strategy by observing what your rivals are doing incorrectly.

Your marketing will be much more effective and simpler to execute when you have a clear understanding of the audience you’re trying to reach as well as how to reach them and where they hang out online. Everything is ultimately about your readers.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, it’s important to keep up to date with their interests and to implement a social listening strategy to understand their wants and needs.

4. Interact with your audience

People enjoy interacting with brands, and as a result brands experience benefits of social media engagement like:

  • Sales Leads
  • Boosted Website Traffic
  • Increased Referral Rate
  • Boosted brand awareness

The potential for a high return on investment (ROI) is enormous given that around 80% of consumers place a high value on the customer experience, which includes interactions with brands on social media that help customers feel seen, heard, and ultimately be understood.
By using social media, you can keep an eye on conversations as they happen and promptly address any queries or concerns from your audience.

#Important Tip: Interact when real value is to be given to your audience

5. Post regularly & relevant content

Success on social media hinges on consistently delivering captivating and interactive content. This not only cultivates a sense of reliability around your business but also signifies your up-to-the-minute expertise-sharing and your genuine interest in engaging with your audience.

While the algorithms governing social media platforms may evolve, the principle of regular posting remains steadfast. This practice plays a pivotal role in ensuring the visibility of your content within newsfeeds.

By prioritizing a steady stream of pertinent content, you signal to these algorithms that your posts possess the merit to be prominently displayed in various newsfeeds, ultimately enticing more individuals to become followers of your page.

On the other hand, if you feel that all this is a bit too much and you already have enough on your plate we’ll be more than happy to assist, run your social media channels and help accelerate your business growth.